2015 – A Year In Highlights.


So, 2015 is no more. That’s it for another year. A year of attempting (and failing) to shed the excess pounds I somehow put on (oops! More exercise needed, starting today…). somehow still managing to hold onto a job (albeit a volunteer in a charity shop but it’s still a job and I love it) and a couple of unsuccessful job interviews towards the back end of the year but, all in all, 2015 was mostly fun.

PS: Sorry for not blogging in what seems like a while. I meant to but my stupid old laptop finally went kaput a week before Christmas which put everything on hold here. But I’m back in business now and will hopefully be back to blogging normally again soon.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


Two boring months, to be fair. Not much happened at all. Moving on…


The month the world lost a brilliant author in Terry Pratchett, who sadly died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s, and also the month I got to look like a total prat at work for Comic Relief, although I wasn’t really supposed to wear all the gear as I work in a charity shop and it technically wasn’t allowed. Oops! March also saw me being a bit wounded at the news that the legend that is Kevin Sinfield was to leave the mighty Leeds Rhinos and switch codes to play union for Yorkshire Carnegie. That still hurts.


The month I turned the big THREE-OH. (Sob!) Also the month I got to meet Shayne Ward for a second time and get my mug plastered all over the telly again for Made In Leeds. Argh!


Eurovision month! Yes, the annual carnival of camp returned and saw Swedish fittie Måns Zelmerlöw take the great glass microphone back to Stockholm. May also saw love finally conquer the Emerald Isle when Ireland legalised gay marriage (about time too!) and David Cameron win another term as Prime Minister. Five more years of misery. Welcome to Britain, folks.


Love finally conquered in America. That’s all I’ve got on that one. Just their stupid gun laws to sort out now…


Wimbledon month and also the month that saw me go on a step-stool hunt. (Don’t ask.) I also took a trip to the Light Fantastic just down the road in Bradford (though I went by train) and take part in a spectacular light show thing using a stick with bulbs on it. (Again, don’t ask.) July also saw the world lose a talented young racing driver in Jules Bianchi, who never fully recovered from injuries sustained in the Japanese Grand Prix a few months earlier. Poor kid.


The month I was supposed to be going to Edinburgh but due to the Job Centre suspending me for no apparent reason and cocking up my finances, it had to be cancelled. Still, meeting two of the Leeds Rhinos boys a few days before they set off to Wembley to literally whoop Hull KR’s sorry arses all over the pitch made up for it. I also got to go to the homecoming to see our boys bring back the Challenge Cup trophy for the second year in a row. More of the same this year?


September saw the start of the Rugby World Cup. I initially supported England and Ireland as my main teams but England were spectacularly shit in the whole thing and Ireland let me down against the Argie-Bargies so, by the end of it, I was left supporting Scotland. And then THEY lost against the Aussies (though, had it not been for a bent referee, they’d have probably won it). Oh, and I also met two rather cute Canadian players outside a hotel just over the road from me. Result!


If you’d have told me at the beginning of the year that my Leeds Rhinos boys would win the treble at Old Trafford, I’d never have believed you! BEST DAY OF THE YEAR BY FAR! There’s more about that particular event on the blog, so I won’t dwell on it much again but, just as Wembley last year was the best day of the year, so was venturing over to the Dark Side to witness my rugby league team triumph once again.


November saw me go to two gigs: Mike Harding at the City Varieties (met him and got my book signed) and our annual switch-on event in town and, despite it being wet and cold, I still enjoyed it. (And I got shown on a photo on Calendar News again…) I also had a rather eventful weekend in Scarborough (we had to swap rooms after one night due to a leaky roof in the bathroom), saw the trophy treble at one of our local ASDA stores, and I also got a new badge for my collection after getting a ‘one year of service’ from work and being promoted to our media and book department team leader (obviously, as something of a book lover, I am in my element). Then there was the Busted reunion (though, as they’re not doing Leeds on their tour next year, I won’t be going). Oh, and I found out I was going to be an auntie again. Not a bad month if I do say so myself!


And finally, December. The month that saw my old knackered laptop finally conk out completely after I got in from a brilliant night with my work colleagues. I tried in vain to get it to work but, four days later, it eventually gave up the goose and died completely. To quote Monty Python, it is now an ex-laptop, and I’m still hoping I can get some of the stuff back off the old hard drive as most of my old photos, music files and stuff for the Job Centre (including my CV and cover letter) were on it. December also saw me see the Coca-Cola truck in town and get plunged into darkness after a power cut due to severe weather in Leeds. Some parts were still flooded a few days later. Oh, and Kevin Sinfield came second in Sports Personality Of The Year behind a still-quite-miserable Andy Murray. I voted for him too. Result!

And that’s it! My main resolutions this year are to lose weight and exercise more. I need to shift some of this excess flab, preferably sooner rather than later, so I’m sticking with the low-fat stuff, salads and sushis for now. Bread and pasties are still out of the question (unless it’s low-fat flatbread or wraps).

Other stuff I’m looking forward to in 2016 include Billy Connolly at the Hammersmith Apollo in a couple of weeks’ time, Euro 2016 (come on Ireland!), the Six Nations (come on England and Ireland!), the Olympics (come on Team GB!) and the new rugby league season. There’ll hopefully be more stuff happening later in the year but, for now, those are the main ones.

Happy (belated) New Year!