FAO nuisance callers…

heres-why-swearing-is-f-ing-good-for-youPhoto credit: Business Insider

This blog post is a bit off-topic but, recently, I’ve been getting called on my mobile by the same 0845 number about five times – and it’s infuriating me to breaking point that I have no choice but to go on yet another rant about nuisance callers. I haven’t answered any of their calls, nor can I block them on my phone (it’s a rather old Samsung Galaxy Ace which, unfortunately, doesn’t have a block number feature on it), so I just ignore the number. (SIDE NOTE: I have since added the number to my call list and assigned another ringtone to it to one that isn’t the one I use for everything else so I know to ignore the number when that particular tone goes off.)

Anyway, the rant. FAO the cold callers that keep trying to ring my mobile (and, to some extent, the landline): I’m registered with the Telephone Preferential Service. How about me saving myself the bother of reporting your calls to them and STOP RINGING ME? I’m registered with the TPS for a reason – and that reason is to stop calls like yours coming through in the first place. I haven’t had an accident in the last three years, I have never had PPI, I don’t need my laptop fixing, and there isn’t a problem with my bank account. I usually only answer calls on my mobile if they’re local numbers (if I’m applying for work) or I know the person(s) calling me personally. I don’t answer numbers beginning with 0845 or 020. Plus, if there’s a long pause on our answer machine or you obviously sound like you’re from a call centre, I’ll just ignore you. Also, when you DO have some sound, you can’t be arsed pronouncing my name properly or get my gender wrong (yes, I’ve had that too), my response to you won’t be a very polite one. Please get the message and leave me alone. Any more and I’ll be reporting you to Ofcom. I’ve already reported the number that keeps ringing me (the same one that rang me again this morning whilst I was trying to do an important Maths exam) to both the ICO and the TPS.

You have been warned.