Instagram Travel Challenge – April Showers.


Last month, I took part in the inaugural #IGTravelChallenge, which was basically a chance to show off some of my old travel photos from yesteryear for a whole month. A different topic every day: things like ‘greenest place’ (on the 17th, appropriately enough), mountains’ (mine was the Alps from the air), ‘travel mishaps’, ‘home’ and so on. Admittedly, most of mine were of Malta, Scarborough and my hometown, Leeds, as I’d lost most of my old travel photos when my old laptop gave up the goose back in December, but I managed to complete it.

Anyway, the photos I posted are in a collage below, and each topic is underneath that with an explanation of what I posted and why. Alternatively, you can view them at my main Instagram account here.

  1. Favourite destination: Malta. The photo is of the Siege Bell Memorial in Valletta.
  2. Best meal whilst travelling: Ice cream sharer for two, complete with profiteroles and cream, from the Brewers Fayre in Scarborough.
  3. Friends you’ve met whilst travelling: met a few friends through travel over the years but the photo is from the Isuzu fan photo at the Super League Grand Final last year. (I’m with friends on it.)
  4. Bluest water: Mediterranean sea, Malta, with a water plane on it.
  5. Surprise encounters: a squirrel popping up to say hello, Peasholm Park, Scarborough.
  6. At one with nature: three-in-one! Photos all taken in and around my hometown, Leeds.
  7. Travel bag: my trusty rucksack, complete with keyring souvenirs from various places I’ve been whilst travelling. Photo taken outside the LGI. (Don’t ask.)
  8. Behind the scenes: a candid shot of me taking a photo of a really ugly building in Valletta, Malta, near the open-air theatre.
  9. Favourite local food: an Italian food van near the Trinity shopping centre, Leeds.
  10. Favourite travel memory: Challenge Cup final, Wembley, two years ago. An all-Yorkshire final between Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers. We won on the day.
  11. Beach: Golden Bay, Malta.
  12. Adrenaline junkie: another three-in-one! One of me doing Race For Life around Thornes Park, Wakefield, in 2012 in the boiling heat, one of a shot of the Reebok Stadium (now Macron Stadium), Bolton, when I did a tour of the stadium in, I think, 2007, and one of the noon cannons going off in Valletta.
  13. Traditional dress: a photo of me wearing a sari many moons ago at college on the day we had an Indian event going on. I was wearing it to do some Bollywood dancing. (PS: I still have the sari. Somewhere.)
  14. Mountains: The Alps, taken from the inside of an aeroplane on the way home from Malta years ago. I think it was taken from inside a Ryanair plane. How classy!
  15. Colourful places: two-for-one! First one (the one with the five photos in it) is of the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road tube station before the refurbishment, second one is of the nice colourful glass window at Leeds Train Station (the one above the escalators).
  16. Where in the world are you? Leeds. Photo is of the new funky art instalment by the front entrance where the Journey’s Friend, Paperchase and Burger King used to be. It’s actually made it look so much bigger!
  17. Greenest place: two-for-one… again! First photo is of a gang of sheep about halfway up Ilkley Moor a few years ago, second photo is of Stanley Park in Liverpool, back in 2008, with Goodison Park in the distance.
  18. First ever… …trip to Malta. That time I took a small boat over to the little island of Comino with a bunch of rowdy Italians. Oh, what fun. Not.
  19. Sunsets: both taken in Malta. One by me, one by my flatmate. (Note that the one I took got a couple more likes than the other, even though it was a bit more blurry than the other.)
  20. Spring: some nice tulips growing in Peasholm Park, Scarborough.
  21. Going/being home: going home – a shot of an Air Malta plane’s jet engine, showing that they write stuff about the Maltese archipelago on them. Being home – Dortmund Square, Leeds. Our ‘fat bastard with the barrel’ (as the locals call it) statue, gifted to us by our twin city back in the 1980’s.
  22. When/where did you fall in love with travel? Another three-in-one. All photos taken in and around York, the place I first fell in love with travel.
  23. Experiencing public transport: another two-for-one. First photo, on an old Malta bus (the old yellow ones they used to have). Second photo, the little passenger Sliema to Valletta ferry, again in Malta.
  24. Local markets: the day Leeds’s newest Cancer Research UK shop at Kirkstall Bridge retail park opened its doors.
  25. Travel mishaps/mistakes: Party In The Park at Temple Newsam, Leeds, back in 2007 on the day it didn’t stop raining all day (when it used to be free and before they finally did away with it).
  26. Favourite hostel: I used a hotel, since I’ve never stayed in a hostel, namely The Grand Hotel, Scarborough.
  27. Awesome buildings: SIX-for-one this time. Leeds Town Hall’s in the big photo, the others are Mosta Dome, Malta, the London Eye and Piccadilly Circus, London, and the Royal Armouries and the First Direct Arena, Leeds.
  28. Cultural encounters: Trafalgar Square’s very own floating Yoda, as taken back in January this year.
  29. Off the beaten track: me walking up the old Roman road in Xemxija, Malta, back in 2013 (I think) in another candid shot.
  30. It’s still winter here: Hyde Park, Leeds, back in 2008 on my way to university in Headingley.
  31. Free for all: a very pretty light show I was in last year when I went over to the soon-to-be renamed Media Museum in Bradford.

And, to keep the hashtag going, all those who took part in the challenge have the opportunity to post/blog photos on the 15th of each month. This month’s theme is ‘April showers bring May flowers’. I’ve already Instagrammed my photo for this month (at my aforementioned main account) but, as bloggers are challenged to post to their blogs too, here are some more for your viewing pleasure. There are only three but I’m sure that’ll be enough for now.

And that’s your lot for this time. My next post will be my annual Eurovision Song Contest review, as brought over from my old blog. There are some real corkers this year, but more on that next time.

Watch this space…



  1. I love this!!! Great idea to collage your March photos with explanation. Thanks so much for participating. I need to open up post on my laptop vs cellphone so I can get full effect of collage.


    • I saved all my photos from the challenge onto my laptop, then used an online image editor thing to do the collage, then saved that to put on here. It comes out a bit too small on here though, hence my link back to my Instagram account (the one I did the challenge on) to see the full versions. Despite the small size, I think it works quite well!

      (EDIT: I just made it into a three-part mosaic instead so you can now click on the images to see the bigger version. That works better doesn’t it?)


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