Happy birthday to…


…singer (and ex-Westlifer) Kian Egan, ex-cricketer (and A Question Of Sport team captain) Phil Tufnell, actor Jerry Seinfeld, country singer Willie Nelson, actress Michelle Pfeiffer, singer Foxes, actor Daniel-Day Lewis, singer (and ex-Eurovision contestant) Anggun, ex-tennis player Andre Agassi, actress Kate Mulgrew, Danish royal Princess Benedikte, actress Uma Thurman, ex-footballer Claus Jensen, ex-S Clubber Jo O’Meara, singer (and another ex-Eurovision contestant) Magdalena Tul, golfer Knut Børsheim, ex-footballer Francis ‘Franny’ Lee, broadcaster David Icke, footballer George McCartney…


There’ll be joint celebrations at work later, as one of my colleagues ALSO shares my birthday, so I’m hoping for a good afternoon.

Just a shame I’m full of cold. Damn you, British weather!