Instagram Travel Challenge – Street Art.

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Yes, #IGTravelChallenge people, I’m here again. This month’s theme is ‘street art’ but, in my case, I’m about to post various bits of graffiti I’ve captured around my home city, simply because I haven’t seen any more anywhere when I’ve been travelling.

Well, not yet, anyway.

I think it’s safe to say that graffiti is everywhere these days. You can find it all over walls, windows, train tunnels, pavements, billboards…. even toilet doors have had the ‘I woz ere’ or ‘for a **** please ring this number’ treatment. I haven’t got any photos of toilet doors but I do have others. All the photos below (and including the one used as the cover photo) are my own. I apologise for not really having any that are more arty-farty but I will endeavour to find some when I can.

Homer Simpson and his warm cinnamon bun is graffitied on the wall outside our gate. The carrot is on the wall outside what was a bakery which has been closed since the beginning of the year.

Railway bridge graffiti. I was on a canal walk back in December 2012 on a crisp winter’s morning to pick up some mail from our sorting office and came across these. Does someone have too much time on their hands? Or do they fancy themselves as the next Banksy? I’ll let you decide.

Photo 1: does it really? Photo 2: spotted on the door of a club. Someone must really hate the place. Photo 3: random thing on an old notice board outside a restaurant in Leeds.

PS: For more photos of graffiti (and other things), visit my Flickr page. (You can find the link in my (now updated) about me page but, if you’re too lazy to check there, it’s here.)

Until next month (or if I blog again in the meantime), cheerio!