Famous for fifteen minutes!


I think it was Andy Warhol who coined the above phrase. Well, I’ve found fame (for about a day and a bit) on Twitter twice this week.

Let me explain. You see, on Monday, Nicola Sturgeon (the First Minister of Scotland) decided to call a second referendum on whether Scotland should leave the United Kingdom after the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.

Still with me so far?

Well, someone on Twitter (not me) decided to play a little hashtag game called #SuggestANewNameForTheUK and everyone (including me) took part. I came up with two ideas: ‘We’re Not Great Anymore’ and this one…

Of course, the above tweet sent my Twitter notifications into overdrive for the best part of twelve hours. I got replies, mentions, likes, quotes and EVERYTHING! I even made it onto a website called ‘The Hook’ (seriously, why didn’t Buzzfeed get in on the action? They usually do!) which, I think, constitutes as it going viral.


(The Boris Johnson thing in the above photo was nothing to do with me. That was part of another tweet.)

Some of my favourite replies included:

  • “You weren’t saying that when we gave you £8bn to bail you out…” (For the record, I’m British, not Irish. I do have Irish heritage though.)
  • “I like that! Where do you live? Answer: FUK.” (This guy also suggested adding ‘independent territories’ to the end of my original tweet. You can probably guess what that acronym spelled out…)
  • “Poundland.” (This was also another suggestion for the hashtag game.)
  • “You mean The FUK?” (Nope, I’m from Yorkshire. We tend not to use the word ‘the’ up here.)
  • “TIME: The islands May eradicated.” (Bravo to whoever came up with that one!)
  • “I don’t even care if that was meant politically or not, that’s deserving of applause.” (Thank you!)

(PS: My FUK tweet is still getting liked/retweeted and whatnot, despite me posting it a few days ago.)

And then, last night, I was settling down to watch one of my favourite topical comedy shows, a programme called The Last Leg (which, for those who don’t know, is presented by Australia’s finest comedian Adam Hills, plus two British comedians (Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker), and is a play on words due to the fact that two of them wear prosthetics) when, suddenly, this popped up about five minutes in…


WOAH! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Adam Hills any more than do already, along he comes and mentions my tweet live on the show! (I have to say I cheered and whooped like a complete buffoon when I saw it appear.) I never expected that! Thanks guys!

I thought I’d got my fifteen minutes of fame last year, after appearing on a local news channel twice in one week (I was on Made In Leeds giving CPR to a simulation manikin thing and then I was helping to promote the opening of a new charity shop in another video) but I never thought I’d become sort-of famous on social media and a comedy programme!

(PS: ‘Scexit’ refers to something I saw on Twitter when I was taking part in the aforementioned hashtag game. I think it trended for a couple of hours or so, so I thought I’d tweet The Last Leg and mention it… and this is the result.)
(PPS: Adam’s face in The Last Leg screengrab is absolutely PRICELESS!)

To everyone who liked and retweeted my FUK tweet: THANK YOU! There are too many of you to thank personally but you know who you are.

And also thanks to the gang at The Last Leg. I never thought for one minute that my tweet would ever get mentioned, though my final point is that Scexit (or ‘Scotland’s Exit’) sounds shit… and I’m still smiling! Thanks again!