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Hello! Dia dhuit! Helô! Hej! Guten tag! Hei! Goededag! Bonjour! Buongiorno! Hallå! Hyvää päivää! Merħba! Hola! Olá! Szia! Cześć! Γεια σου! Привет! こんにちは! 你好! Namaste! Bună ziua! G’day! ‘Ey up!

(And, therefore, endeth my ‘how to say ‘hello’ in various languages’ lesson. I think I’ll just stick with the English here, as it makes life so much easier for me, though I did enjoy showing off my language skills. Hope you liked it.)

Anyway, let’s move on to the point of this post. I’m Lesley, a wee little thirty-something from that there Yorkshire. Leeds, to be exact. Third biggest city of the UK. This is my blog, Scriblix, and a photo of me is below:


PS: Any elf puns are strictly forbidden.

When I’m not volunteering my time in two local charity shops (one in town and a newish one in a suburb I used to live in), I like to read*. A LOT. So, on that basis, I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a space for all sorts of (honest!) reviews about the stuff I’ve been reading, plus other little bits of my life. I’m also on Goodreads, which you’ll find here, and my other Instagram and Twitter accounts here and here (not strictly book-related but still very much MINE, which is why I put them here). I aim to create a happy and friendly atmosphere. If you’d like to chat, or just generally find out more, don’t be afraid to leave a nice message or two in the comments. Alternatively, drop me an email at scriblixbooks@gmail.com and I’ll endeavour to get back to you when I can. Just one rule: BE NICE. I don’t accept nasty emails/comments. Thanks in advance.

*…and check out our book selection at work (which I put out when necessary – I’m not the book/media department team leader at BOTH charity shops for nowt!) in the process! You’d be surprised at some of the literal hidden gems I’ve found hiding between the pages of the books as well. Everything from old train tickets, to postcards and Post-It notes, to random bookmarks and even necklaces and badges – I’ve found THE LOT.

Besides reading and travelling, other things I like include (but are not limited to) sports (especially rugby league and winter sports), music (as long as it’s not rubbish), comedy (as long as the comedian(s) are good), stationery, taking random photos of just about ANYTHING, hearing foreign people swearing in English (don’t ask) and, erm, the Eurovision Song Contest… amongst other things.

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT ‘grim up North’.

Please note: I DON’T publish anything from the press, nor do I accept guest posts. Thank you.


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